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Startup Guide

what is startup guide?

Here is a guide to our guide

Every city is different and so every startup ecosystem is different as well. We aim to make local guides that describe the unique cultural, social and personal perspectives of a city and the startup scene in it. We look at a number of factors that is a part of fostering a thriving eco-system: the density of talent, access to capital, the culture of starting up, regulatory environment, activities and events and much more.

Startup Guide is a book series filled with advice, how to's, case studies, inspiration and a fresh + real perspective of how to start a business in a city. It is based on the idea of a traditional guidebook, a book you carry along with you when you’re traveling to a new place to start up a project or business. Why do you need it? To find secret spots, to know where to go, who to talk to and what not to miss - all recommended by the people who know the city the best: THE LOCALS!

Startup Guide


Where you want to work and meet people

Good morning! You just woke up in a new city, where do you go now? What are the best places to work from and where can you find them? This is the chapter you go to, when you need to know what is cooking in your city and where you can connect with the right people for you and your startup.

Startup Guide


Some companies we admire

What is a startup? To us, a startup is a young company that is just beginning to develop. It is typically operated by a handful of founders or one individual. A startup can operate within any industry, from food to fashion and health. A startup can be anything from the passion project to the tech-company that is born to be big. This chapter includes inspiring stories from a broad range of startups. It empathizes milestones and reflections from different stages of the startup process. Get ready to be inspired!

Startup Guide


The people that inspire us

We welcome you to a group of fanatics, who just can’t get enough of entrepreneurial creativity and starting up. In this chapter you can read about the people that went through the process you are in or might go through soon. You will discover advice from the rugged few you have the experience and know what they are talking about.

Startup Guide

Startup developers

The right place for the right time

Okay, so you have a brilliant idea with a need in the market and the right team. Do you need office facilities, industry experts, mentors and peers for the next phase? If you want to start, grow or accelerate your business, these are the places to go. If you are lucky, these incubators and accelerators can help you realize your dreams and take your business to next level.

Startup Guide

how to...

...get great advice from experts

What corporate form should you start up in? Need help with taxes or funding your company? We all need experts! This chapter is is made specifically for experts within a certain field to contribute with their extensive and important knowledge to become a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Read all the do’s and dont’s when you are about to realise your dreams and ideas.

Startup Guide

ecosystem overview

We will help you out

Need an overview of what is going on in your city’s startup ecosystem? This is where to go! place! What this chapter aims to do is to provide you with hands-on information about where to work from, where to grow your business and where to network with interesting people. In here you will find a map of co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators and current events in your city.