‘We produce healthy, plant-based organic foods.’

“The idea basically started when I began using superfoods for myself back around 2002,” recalls Klaas Koolman, founder and CEO of Berlin Organics.

“I had all these different products at home and was assembling them in different ways when I realized I could do the same in a way that could satisfy consumer needs. At the same time, I wanted to set up a business that would support producers in the countries of origin. That’s what inspired me to start Berlin Organics.”

The company has gone on to create a series of superfood products that are lactose- and gluten- free and feature completely natural ingredients – chia and hemp seeds, spirulina and moringa – and can be conveniently added to breakfasts, desserts or smoothies. Packaged in attractively designed cans complete with animal logos and cute nicknames, they are available in organic shops and supermarkets all around Germany.

“Some 3,500 families can improve their income by selling baobab fruits.”

Until the June 4th, Berlin Organic is running a crowdfunding campaign to fund their new product, the first isotonic drink powder with organic Baobab and Coconut Water, with directly traded organic ingredients. In order to purchase the raw materials and start production, they have a funding goal of 16.000€.

“We get the baobab powder for BAOWOW Hydration directly from Zimbabwe. There, some 3,500 families can improve their income by selling baobab fruits. Farmers gain access to the global market via a local producer. At the same time, harvesting and trade are carried out under ecologically sustainable, socially, and ethically correct circumstances. We find this is applied development cooperation.”

Since 2015, Berlin Organics has been selling organic superfoods via organic food trade. Berlin Organics strives to obtain as much of the raw material as possible from direct trading. Support their crowdfunding campaign here.

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