‘We believe life is about collecting experiences, not stuff’

Grover is a Berlin-based startup formed by a group of idealists who saw an opportunity in a new way of consumption. They believe in the circular economy. They believe in all the possibilities technology brings in everyone’s lives. They say they’ve found a way to offer smarter solutions to today’s needs while leaving the world a little bit better than they found it. And above all, they think the most important things in life are not things.

Grover is a fresh alternative to owning things, providing access to the latest tech products by subscribing to them monthly. With a subscription at a significantly lower price than buying the product, you never have to make a large purchase that you might regret. When you’re done trying a new product, instead of letting it collect dust in the basement or sit in a landfill forever, you return it to Grover and they find its next loving home. Of course, if you love it, there’s always the option to buy.

They offer every kind of tech you would ever want to try: from things you can use every day like computers, smartphones, tablets, wearables, speakers, and cameras, to fun things like gaming consoles, VR gear, drones, hoverboards, and smart home tech.

Reusing, repairing and redistributing are more sustainable ways to fulfill the need for new tech

Subscribing, renting, swapping, and sharing create a circular economy of collaborative consumption, in which you can share the right to use products whenever you need them, and only for as long as you want.

Only renting a product for as long as you need it also extends the product’s life cycle, which is better for the ecosystem as well as the economy.  Recent studies revealed that 66% of consumers prefer to purchase products from companies that align with their values. This is why ownership is changing, and a more conscious consumption movement is growing rapidly.

Reusing, repairing and redistributing are more sustainable ways to fulfil the need for new tech,  and break the traditional, linear way of consuming. Maximizing value while minimizing waste allows for more enjoyment, more experiences, and more value out of the things we consume.

People are ready to rethink things and change the way they access new experiences.

Are you?

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