Startup Guide Madrid



Madrid, the geographical heart of Spain, is known for its extremely hot summers, spectacular tapas and a 24/7 churros cafe. It’s also proven to be a huge competitor to the other European startup cities like London, Paris and Berlin. The city hosts a large amount of international expats and gives a home to some powerful startups in AI, social and ecommerce industries. It seems that Madrid is playing its cards right – the capital is leading in investments in startups, and the number of VC firms is only expected to grow. Startup Guide Madrid will jump straight into the local startup scene and review the trends of the current ecosystem.

Packed with inspiration, how-to‘s, local case studies and tips for starting up, the popular series will create an indispensable guide to anyone interested in starting up in Madrid.

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Startup Guide Madrid is filled with case-studies, expert advice, insights, interviews and local tips. The Startup Guide is essential reading for anyone interested in starting up a business or curious about the startup scene.

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