Startup Guide Zurich (Pre-order)

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Zürich, the first Swiss city to join the Startup Guide book collection, is the birthplace of the Dadaist movement, boasting crystal-clear waters, a fabulous old town, cultural diversity and great nightlife – techno culture is now recognized as a part of its UNESCO cultural heritage.

However, the city is also well known for its balanced economy, efficiency, quality of life and, more recently, its fast-growing startup ecosystem. Startup Guide Zürich will explore what the startup life looks like in one of the most livable cities in the world.

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Startup Guide Zurich is filled with case-studies, expert advice, insights, interviews and local tips. The Startup Guide is essential reading for anyone interested in starting up a business or curious about the startup scene.


Release on the 18th January. Pre-order promotional price available until the release date.