Startup Guide Paris

The 9 Spaces Featured in Startup Guide Paris

After announcing the Startups featured in Startup Guide Paris, now it is time to reveal the 9 Spaces selected for the book. Our selection process is thorough, first sorting through the hundreds of nominations before a local advisory board helps us curate the final list with the co-working to be featured. 

1) Anticafé République

What started as a simple desire to create a cozy café where entrepreneurs could work has now expanded into a full European map of Anticafés. There are more than four locations in Paris proper, with the largest, Anticafé Beaubourg, featuring a robust sixty-five workstations, and there are plans for more in La Défense and Xavier Niel’s Station F.

2) DRAFT Ateliers In the ever-changing ecosystem of Paris, there are coworking spaces and there are cocreation spaces. Three years ago, Anne Gautier and Quentin Billey looked around their city and felt something was missing. “Everything is devoted to tech innovation, but we wanted to provide product designers and artists with a space to create and sell,” says Anne, cofounder of DRAFT Ateliers.

3) Kwerk

Kwerk, from “quirky”, meaning characterized by unexpected traits, is a coworking, cobreathing space dedicated to hosting an uplifting vibe. “We wanted to bring this quirkiness to our space, to invite people who lived ‘à l’ouest,’ which in French describes people who are a bit different, who don’t go with the norm,” says cofounder Lawrence Knights.

4) Le Laptop

The idea behind Le Laptop is simple, yet still not easily achievable in a bustling metropolis like Paris. Tucked away in the quieter, less touristic 19th arrondissement is an intimate coworking space where freelancers and nomad workers can congregate for both work and workshops.

5) Le Loft 50 Partners

Le Loft, which refers to the physical address of 50 Partners, nourishes Paris’s most promising startups. Established in July 2012, Le Loft is a unique community of fifty successful serial entrepreneurs that want to build and give a home to the startup ecosystem of Paris.  “Our wish is to gather around us and to give life to the great minds of the Paris startup environment,” says Virginie Augagneur, events and operation manager of Le Loft 50 Partners.

6) Liberté Living-Lab

After months of experimentation in coworking spaces in Paris, Liberté Living-Lab (LLL) cofounders Jérôme Richez and Marylène Vicari wanted to invest their leadership experience and skill sets in a venture that would help crystallize tech, civic and social innovation. Following its first incarnation, Player, LLL opened in October 2016. LLL seeks to bring people, projects and teams from diverse
backgrounds together in the same place.

7) Nuage Café

In 2015 Emmanuel and Benjamin Watrinet, twin brothers, were living the corporate lifestyle but longing for the intimacy of a family business. The idea was still amorphous, so they took to coffee shops to discuss it: “We were looking for simple things – a strong Wi-Fi connection, office equipment, a wide range of operating hours, ambiance.

8) Partech Shaker

Partech Shaker is the first initiative from a venture capital firm dedicated to the local Parisian ecosystem. Opened in 2014 by the international VC firm Partech Ventures, this startup campus is located in the heart of the city’s technology district and boasts 2,200 m2 and space for thirty teams, all within its pristine, design-hip nine stories.

9) Station F “We want this to be an international community and to make entrepreneurship available to anybody, regardless of education and background,” says Roxanne Varza, director of Station F. Station F provides an inclusive and multifaceted space, boasting 3,000 workstations, 8 event spaces, a 360-seat auditorium, 4 kitchens, a bar open 24/7 and plans to incorporate a housing component in the next year. Announcing itself as the largest startup campus in the world – it’s literally as long as the Eiffel Tower is tall – Station F symbolizes French entrepreneur Xavier Niel’s 250-million-euro investment in the international startup culture.

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