Startup Guide Vienna

The 8 Spaces Featured in Startup Guide Vienna

After announcing the Startups featured in Startup Guide Vienna, now it is time to reveal the 8 Spaces selected for the book. Our selection process is thorough, first sorting through the hundreds of nominations before a local advisory board helps us curate the final list with the co-working to be featured. 

1) Impact Hub Vienna

Austria’s largest innovation lab is Impact Hub Vienna. It’s a vibrant spot in the city’s trendy seventh district, offering traditional coworking options and event spaces for rent. Anyone can drop in and work via a range of options (flex desks: €20–120/mo; fixed desks: €250/mo, offices: €750/mo).

2) Maker Austria

Maker Austria’s 600 m2 space includes the usual suspects: CNC milling and laser cutting machines, equipment for computer hardware and electronics, robotics, 3D printing and a woodworking shop in the back. There is also space for sewing, weaving and other textile work. Upstairs is an artist’s studio, and the soon-to-be-renovated cellar houses a ceramics space and a kiln. Full access to Maker Austria runs between €10 and €80 per month.

3) vrei

People can try VR goggles (e.g., Oculus Rift) within a safely roped-off perimeter. ‘We want people to have a very comfortable first time experience,’ says Timon. Large screens show guests what the player sees in their goggles, which could be a sea of jellyfish or a duelling opponent with a ‘light blade.’ Time with the equipment is purchased via virtual coins. If you’ve registered at vrei you receive twenty coins for free each month, an €8 value, and you can preview the experiences on the website.

4) sektor5

Potential coworkers receive a free trial day to get a feel for the space and the people. It’s an informal step, but an essential one. The sektor5 team can tell quickly whether someone will benefit from being in the room. Paying close attention to the evolving needs of entrepreneurs, sektor5 offers several flexible membership options: flex desks at €15–€170 a month, a flat rate plan at €80 a month, and traditional fixed desks at €230 a month.

5) WU Gründungszentrum

Though not technically a coworking space, Gründungszentrum offers many other relevant resources. While many organizations and coworking spaces focus on supporting later stage startups, Gründungszentrum is attuned to the earliest stages of entrepreneurship, to people who are curious about the startup process, even if they don’t have ideas of their own yet. ‘Our job is to educate and prepare entrepreneurs to succeed,’ says program manager Martin Schott.


This is not your traditional coworking space. There are no flex desks or resources for startups. Instead, the house holds a labyrinth of facilities suited to the needs of its creative tenants. There are fitting rooms, a photography studio, a video production lab and a ballroom. For space in the house, access to facilities and amenities, members sign two-year leases and pay €200/mo.

7) STOCKWERK Coworking

STOCKWERK’s coworkers are a mix of programmers and freelancers, including a diverse range of nationalities, ages and disciplines. ‘There’s a lot of potential for collaboration,’ says Alexander. ‘It’s possible to found a company entirely in-house; everything is available at the next desk.’ Drop-ins are invited to join the group for lunch. Fixed desks are available for €240/mo, flex desks for €70–170/mo and day passes are available for €15.

8) Rochuspark

Current coworkers include photographers, entertainers, fashion designers and architects. There’s a full recording studio in the basement. Several tenants have been at Rochuspark since it opened almost a decade ago, and there’s a waitlist for desk space. Rochuspark is not meant to be a stepping stone for fast-growing startups. There are no flex desks. There is no official incubator. Rather, members engage in an instinctive, informal collaboration and mentorship.

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