Startup Guide Paris

The 12 Startups Featured in Startup Guide Paris

We kick off the Startup Guide Paris launch week by announcing the 12 local startups featured in the book. Our selection process is thorough, first sorting through the hundreds of nominations before a local advisory board helps us curate the final list with the startups to be featured. Here is their elevator pitch for you:

1) Archive Valley

Archive Valley is the first platform that helps content makers and production companies find unique footage across the world. Our innovative solution directly connects footage requests with worldwide archive providers, simplifying the process of sourcing and licensing exceptional content.

2) Baby Sittor

Baby Sittor is a mobile application that connects busy parents with trusted babysitters. Our network of over 100,000 trusted parents and sitters facilitates community and promotes stress-free planning for everyone.

3) Belty

Belty is the first ever smart belt: a high-end lifestyle accessory that merges wellbeing, fashion and technology. Nine out of ten men wear belts every single day. We think it’s obvious that being smart can mean being smartly dressed.

4) Compte-Nickel

Compte-Nickel is the first bank-free account. Now, with Compte-Nickel everyone can have a simple account with which you can pay and get paid. We issue Mastercards and IBANs in five minutes in 3,000 affiliated tobacco stores in France.

5) Dataiku

Founded in 2013, we develop collaborative data science software, bringing together teams of data scientists, data analysts, engineers and non-coders to prototype and deliver data projects more efficiently.

6) drust

We make superdrivers. drust is a platform that connects the heart of the car to the driver and to the rest of the automotive ecosystem, which gives users direct access to information that empowers their driving experience and car care.

7) Innerspace VR

Innerspace VR is a virtual reality entertainment studio. We tell interactive stories and help forge the future of entertainment with award-winning and commercially successful titles, proprietary technology and a world-class team of creators.

8) La Ruche qui dit Oui!

La Ruche is a web platform that connects people directly to farmers and fresh produce. Organized by local hosts and serving local communities, our ‘food assemblies’ are springing up all over Europe to increase sustainable consumption and fairer revenues.

9) Never Eat Alone

Our mission is to connect employees inside large companies to help them be happier at work. Be it for coffee, lunch or an exercise session, Never Eat Alone wants to create connections and friendship within the big corporate walls.

10) Stanley Robotics

We are experts in industrial service robotics. Our mission is to revolutionize urban mobility and to better serve humanity through
designing and implementing mobile robots in public environments.


We are Europe’s fastest growing selective recruitment marketplace in the technology industry. Serving Paris, Lyon, Berlin and London, we help connect Europe’s top candidates to great futures in leading startup and technology companies.

12) Ulule

We are the leading crowdfunding website in France and Europe, providing an efficient web tool for project creators and advice and support from our team of expert coaches. We also work with businesses to leverage interests and refashion sponsoring.

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