Startup Guide London
The 10 Startups Featured in Startup Guide London

We kick off the Startup Guide London launch week by announcing the 10 local startups featured in the book. Our selection process is thorough, first sorting through the hundreds of nominations before a local advisory board helps us curate the final list with the startups to be featured. Here is their elevator pitch for you:


“Giraffe360 technology enables the real estate industry to elevate property viewing into a virtual reality experience using simple 360 virtual tour camera technology.”


“The Memo is an online publication covering modern business and lifestyle. Our mission is to make the future more human.”


“We are a unique newcomer to the modelling industry, a 100 percent mother agency that represents and books talent in the UK. Run by females for females, we work in the models’ interests, giving a voice to the exploited faces.”


“We’re changing the way companies think about producing video by collaborating with employees, customers and experts to capture video anytime, anywhere in the world. Through our technology we focus on this content to produce the most honest and real stories.“


“WeFarm crowd sources vital agricultural information for the 500 million small scale farmers around the world who have no access to the internet.”


“Courier is a media brand for startups and modern businesses seeking to capture the spirit of transformation in the economy and in society.”


“WiredScore’s Wired Certification rates the connectivity capacity of commercial real estate, helping landlords benchmark and market the digital connectivity of their buildings to prospective tenants.”


“Yoyo Wallet offers consumers a single mobile payment app that automates the collection of loyalty points and rewards from preferred retailers. Yoyo captures the consumer’s basket data, which enables a true personalization of the buying experience.”


“PROPERCORN is healthy popcorn done properly. But we also go further: we mentor small businesses, make clothes, collaborate with young, creative talent and place a huge emphasis on enjoying what we do.”


“Jukedeck is an artificially intelligent music composer – software that writes original pieces completely on its own, helping video creators find music for their videos that is unique, royalty free and customizable at the touch of a button.”

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