Top 11 startups in Hamburg to watch out for

Featured 11 Hamburg Startups

After launching our guidebooks in Berlin and Munich, it was only natural for us to bring Startup Guide to Hamburg – Germany’s second-largest city! Hamburg is no stranger to entrepreneurship and trading, the beautiful harbor city is not only the home to a bustling startup scene, but also boasts one of the strongest economies in Germany, offering entrepreneurs of all stripes a perfect launchpad for new ideas.

To help you take a dive into the entrepreneurial side of Hamburg, we’ve put together a list of 11 Hamburg startups and their elevator pitches, which are also featured in our Startup Guide Hamburg book that you should definitely keep on your radar. Just so you know how we selected the startups for the guide: we sorted through hundreds of nominations from the community before a local advisory board helped us curate the final list of startups to be featured. See them all below…

App Camp startup featured in Startup Guide Hamburg

1 – App Camps

App Camps aims to bring coding and computer science into the classroom, through an online platform that provides digital teaching materials on different topics and empowers educators to teach coding and related topics in a creative and modern way.

Besserfleisch startup featured in Startup Guide Hamburg

2 – Besserfleisch

Besserfleisch is committed to show people exactly where their beef comes from. It collects orders of beef packages until the whole animal is sold. By buying beef packages, their buyers can support local beef farmers with fair prices and high-quality meat.

Breeze Technologies startup featuted in Startup Guide Hamburg

3 – Breeze Technologies

Breeze Technologies enables cities and corporates to create a more livable environment by providing actionable insights based on environmental sensor data. startup featured in Startup Guide Hamburg

4 –’s mission is to bring people together in the real world through their biggest commonality: eating and drinking.

eBlocker startup featured in Startup Guide Hamburg

5 – eBlocker

eBlocker offers the world’s first plug and play privacy and parental control solution across all devices.

flow education startup featured in Startup Guide Hamburg

6 – flow education

flow education is a social startup that aims to enable lifelong holistic learning for everybody and, at the same time, build education.

Haftpflicht Helden startup featured in Startup Guide Hamburg

7 – Haftpflicht Helden

Haftpflicht Helden aims to bring a new culture into the insurance market by offering the first flat-rate, private liability insurance product with all the features included right from the beginning so the users know exactly what they’re buying into.

Mondosano startup featured in Startup Guide Hamburg

8 – Mondosano

Mondosano is a patient platform for clinical research in Germany. Interested patients can find out all about the clinical studies and register to find a suitable clinical trial.

Movemates startup featured in Startup Guide Hmaburg

9 – Movemates

Movemates is an on-demand platform that brings together consumers and businesses with the best-rated bulky freight carriers in town.

Ovy startup featured in Startup Guide Hamburg

10 – Ovy

Ovy is a health-tech startup that aims to empower women around the globe to track their reproductive health by connecting the Ovy App and the Ovy Bluetooth fertility thermometer.

Windcloud startup featured in Startup Guide Hamburg

11 – Windcloud

Windcloud aims to be the only cloud and data center provider with a goal for a 100 percent sustainable energy supply.

Read more about these startups and how they kicked off their businesses in the Startup Guide Hamburg book available to be purchased online here.