Startup Guide Luxembourg: 9 startups you should keep on your radar

9 luxembourg startups feature in Startup Guide 2018

One of the best countries for expats to work in is finally getting its very own Startup Guide! Luxembourg’s vibrant startup scene mixes experienced local and international talent with a stable economy and a lot of available resources to support entrepreneurs in starting their own business.

To give you a sense of what the city’s entrepreneurial scene is like, we’ve put together a list of 9 Luxembourg startups and their elevator pitches, which are also featured in our Startup Guide Luxembourg book, that you should definitely keep on your radar. Just so you know how we selected the startups for the guide: we sorted through hundreds of nominations from the community before a local advisory board helped us curate the final list of startups to be featured. See them all below…

Alva startup feature in Startup Guide 2018

1 – Aiva

Aiva is an artificial intelligence company that composes emotional soundtracks for entertainment content, such as video games, movies, TV shows and trailers.

Apateq Luxembourg feature startup 2018


APACTEQ is a clean-tech startup that designs, develops and manufactures a green, cost-efficient, all-in-one solution products for the treatment of difficult wastewaters.

carpaydiem feature in startup guide luxembourg

3 – CarPay-Diem

CarPay-Diem connects drivers with gas stations through a service that activates any fuel pump and manage the payment and loyalty system from inside the car. It integrates with popular mobile apps and connected cars, and works at any gas station.

foxbeer feature Startup Guide Luxembourg 2018

4 – Fox Beer

Fox Beer is a young Luxembourgish startup that develops and commercializes calorie-reduced, low-carb beers.

jobtoday feature Startup Guide Luxembourg 2018


JOBTODAY is a the number one hiring app in UK and Spain that helps hundreds of thousands of businesses connect with local job seekers in seconds.

Luxai Startup guide Luxembourg 2018

6 – LuxAI

LuxAI is committed to benefit people and society in various educational or health contexts. It develops hardware, software and applications for social assistive robot.

Nektria feature startup guide luxembourg 2018

7 – Nektria

Nektria is focused on developing SaaS solutions for optimizing fleet management, cost-effective delivery, dynamic pricing and increasing customer satisfaction. It offers a cloud-based, supply-management platform that gives the option of real-time delivery time slots and carrier route optimization.

nomokoto feature startup guide luxemboug

8 – Nomoko

Nomoko aims to create digital copies of entire cities. It is developing precise digital 3D models that will serve as the basis for a variety of solutions, from self-driving car simulations and digital infrastructure of cities to computer game development.

supermiro feature startup guide luxembourg

9 – Supermiro

Supermiro is an AI-powered personal assistant that finds tailored opportunities for you to go out based on your location, availability, interests and the weather. It also considers whether you’re in the mood to be around friends, family or business people.

Read more about these startups and how they kicked off their businesses in the Startup Guide Luxembourg book available to be purchased online here.