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Before talking about our Company, we must talk about the moment we're living in. More than ever, we're questioning the working models and trying to find new ways to do old or new things. Take a look back and you'll see a huge difference between the past and the present: instead of living an individual life, we're in need to look for jobs (and a life) that are teamwork-based.

And that's the reason why we exist: to spread knowledge about the startup scene through really good content - whether printed or digital- and to empower people around the globe to startup new businesses everywhere, even in a city that you don't know much about - don't worry, we can help you with that.

Back in 2014 - When everything started

When Sissel Hansen moved from Copenhagen to Berlin, she was thinking about opening her own business, but somehow felt lost – not lost in the streets, because we all have easy access to amazing maps. But she didn’t know who to talk to, or how to find information about the existent business in the city. She really felt in need of good tips to start from scratch.

Then, instead of keeping all the information she found in a secret Google Docs file, she thought this could be her business. And guess what? The first book -The Startup Guide Berlin – came out in 2014 and all the copies were sold out in less than 24 hours. And 20 cities later, here we are, always keeping the ears, eyes and mind open to bring the best for you.

1. Sissel (Founder) and João Mira (Marketing & Sales Manager) our Berlin Store

How do we make the guides?

To ensure an accurate and trustworthy guide every time, we team up with a local city partner, ideally an established organization with experience in the local startup scene. They conduct a general call out to the local community to nominate startups, co-working spaces, founders, incubators and established businesses through an online submission form. These submissions are narrowed down to the top fifty selected companies and individuals. The local advisory board then votes anonymously for the final selection to represent the range of industries and startup stories in the city.

2. Sissel (Founder) making sure all pages are perfect!
3. Magazine in the making

Who are the guides for?

If you want to open a business or just want to feel like an insider anywhere, this is for you. Our guides are filled with case-studies about up-and-coming startups and coworking spaces, expert advices, interviews with some of the most fascinating startup founders and insights from local partners.

A store that stores ideas, creativity and innovation.

While the internet and online shops have made it possible for businesses to have access to a broader market, we still believe experiences are enhanced when one can see and feel the exciting products found in the real world. We felt the need to bring back a physical, and a closer connection between who is innovating and the people who will benefit from that innovation.