Startup Guide Reykjavik

Startup Guide is expanding to the world’s most northerly and Europe’s most westerly capital with the release of Startup Guide Reykjavik. Iceland has not only become one of the most attractive tourist spots in the last few years but it’s also becoming more and more interesting for entrepreneurs and founders. Situated in a perfect position between two important “startup” continents – North America and Europe – Reykjavik could easily turn into a long-term stopover for travelling founders.

Startup Guide Reykjavik will provide unique insight into what the Reykjavik startup world is right now and what it could be in the future.

On this book:

“It’s a roller coaster – every day is your best day or your worst day, depending on exactly what’s happening.”

Jói Sigurðsson , CrankWheel

“If you’re a founder and you’re trying to create something you believe is a break- through or a disrup- tion, you have to be very careful not to get sidetracked.”

Hilmar Halldórsson , TripCreator

Table of contents

City essentials

Everything you need to know about the city before you come or before you start a company.

Data overview

The top data on the city’s current ecosystem and ranking.


The hottest and most interesting startups in a broad range of industries. Get to know them.


All the best incubators and accelerators you should know about.


The top spaces to work from and meet creatives and entrepreneurs in your city.


Essential advice from the local professionals and mentors in their field of expertise.


Insightful interviews with some of the most experienced and inspiring local founders.


All that extra information you want to know.

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