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Many consider Stockholm one of the leading startup capitals in the Nordics – and one of the top in the world. Some are even calling it the “second Silicon Valley”. It’s no surprise considering Skype, Klarna, King and Mojang all went from small startups to billion dollar juggernauts. Not only that, investment has been pouring in at record levels in the past couple of years; in 2016, more than $1.4 billion was invested.

Undoubtedly, the city’s high concentration of programmers, non-hierarchical culture and immense public support are huge contributing factors to the startup scene’s incredible growth.

On this book:

“Well, we have fantastic weather. Just kidding. No, I think it’s the social aspect. We have a social system, and events are often free and open.”

Sofie Lindblom , ideation360

“It was great to be surrounded by like-minded people: other social entrepreneurs who were willing to do something good.”

Imad Elabdala , Kidnovation

Table of contents

City essentials

Everything you need to know about the city before you come or before you start a company.


The hottest and most interesting startups in a broad range of industries. Get to know them.


All the best incubators and accelerators you should know about.


Essential advice from the local professionals and mentors in their field of expertise.


Insightful interviews with some of the most experienced and inspiring local founders.

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