Mitte: see why they reached 100% funding in 24h on Kickstarter

mitte water system

Sorry coffee machine lovers, but having a mineral water machine is even better – and of course, more important. Soon you’re gonna hear a lot about Mitte, a Berlin based company who’s now running a Kickstarter campaign to launch the very first smart healthy water system. And they reached 100% funding in just over 24 hours.

Is it just a water filter? Hell no. Water is usually overlooked as a source of minerals, but they are often removed in the purification process by common filtration systems. Mitte has built the first of a kind smart water system that enables users to turn tap water into personalized and purified mineral water right in their homes.

mitte water system

It works in two simple steps: first, it purifies water to an unprecedented level with its own distillation-based method. Then, Mitte makes the water not only pure, but also healthy by enhancing it with essential minerals.

Just as tap water that’s often impure and unreliable, plastic bottles that are unsustainable and expensive and current water purification systems that just purify and don’t enhance, Mitte came to solve all these problems.

mitte water system

The accompanying mobile app works as a control center for the machine settings, that not only allows users to dispense water at a pre-selected temperature but also keeps track of daily the water consumption and the water quality. Isn’t it perfect? Yes, it is, and that’s why they’ve already reached almost three times more of their goal on Kickstarter.

Be prepared, after having Mitte at home, no one will say no again when you offer a glass of water.

Check more at or back their campaign on Kickstarter.


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