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June was a busy month for our team, we launched three books (Luxembourg, Hamburg, Berlin Vol. 4) and announced our first regional book Startup Guide Nordics as well as three new books (hello Valencia, Frankfurt and Miami)! Our Lisbon team, waited not-so-patiently for summer to arrive while the Berlin office was treated to some uncharacteristically hot days. We hosted launch parties, had events in our stores, worked on – and will keep working on – exciting new projects for the months ahead, met new people, and hopefully also inspired some others!

In the midst of all that, we still took the time to share exciting products, publications, stories and more within the team. We thought we’d share the love with a monthly post to give you a peek into what’s keeping us busy in our work and spare time 😉

Irem: I love spreadsheets and productivity tools, and I like trying new ones that promise a better workflow. I found Coda on Product Hunt a while back and recently got access, and although I haven’t had much time to play around with it, it looks very promising! https://coda.io/

Anna: Even though it’s targeting men, I find it good for creating some headspace. Really nice stuff, especially in the living section. https://www.blessthisstuff.com/

↪️Irem in reply to the one above: It’s like Cool Hunting on testosterone, but very cool stuff

Carla: I found this through reading Offscreen magazine, and it was an instant fav. The Library Extension is every techie bookworm’s dream, it let’s you browse books and ebooks, and checks if your local library has them, so you can borrow the books. Portugal is still not included but it’s just a cool idea.

Charmaine: GDPR emails reminded me that I’m still following ‘Keen On Magazine’, an art magazine with a super slick and trippy (in a good way) website, stimulating content and interesting interactive article formats online. http://keenonmag.com/

issue n°6 — keen on codes & algorithms 💻

issue n°6 — keen on codes & algorithms 💻„Code is God”, says artist Peter Weibel. The power now flowing from algorithms and codes is immense—and underestimated. While codes enhance our lives, generate new currencies, produce art, and will in future drive our cars for us, they also raise a lot of questions. How do codes change our life? How can we use codes in a meaningful way? How much power do they have? Are they manipulating us? And how is art to respond? 👉 http://codes-algorithms.keenonmag.com Featuring interviews with Peter Weibel, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Jonas Lund, Addie Wagenknecht, Siebren Versteeg, RYNB, Tomasz Kobialka, Mark Farid and some think pieces by Jonas Schenk, George Kafka, Martina Schöggl, Aude Launay, Lindsay Howard, Mick Grierson, Penny Rafferty, Nick Koppenhagen, Andy Kassier, and many more! 🚀Looking good? Design — as always — by the team of Studio Es.Many thanks to Ashida Park for the sound © SWAN MEAT & M O R S E

Gepostet von keen on magazine am Mittwoch, 7. März 2018

Egle: I love this guy’s work, but mostly his newsletter ‘Meanwhile’. It’s a nice reminder that there are so many beautiful people and things in this world… Sign up!

Irem: I am a big big fan of the New York Times Magazine’s covers. With their behind-the-cover video series, you can see the the process from their side. It’s great, see here.


Charmaine: A new video platform by Boiler Room, dubbed “the Netflix of the underground” (I’m not a fan of the tagline, but that’s another story 😉 with some really fascinating content https://fourthree.boilerroom.tv/



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