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July has certainly seen the sun come to stay and the world seems to slow down into that snoozy, summer haze. But that hasn’t been the case for us! We’ve been selected to be a part of the German Accelerator Southeast Asia in Singapore. Meaning Anna, our Head of Business Development, will be staying in Singapore for the next couple of months working on our future books and other exciting projects. But not only are we globetrotting in person, but we’ve also just sent our New York guide to print and announced Startup Guide Cape Town. All in the last few weeks!

We’re also moving both our Berlin and Lisbon stores-slash-offices in autumn, and thought we would take the opportunity to work on improving your experience in our stores. Oh! And we’ll be opening in a new surprise location too, so keep an eye out for that.

Phew… After all the commotion, we’re finally getting some time to chill and bond with our entire team at our Berlin office – in person. It’ll be nice to reunite for some, while for others, it’ll be a chance to finally put some faces to names since our team has added some new members in the past couple of months. Without further ado, here are our team’s top picks for July in the form of excerpts from our Slack chat:

Irem: Skyscraper (the Bruges Whale) aka “5 tons of plastic waste pulled out of the Pacific Ocean, turned into a 4 story tall whale for the 2018 Bruges Triennial.” There are also other amazing installations at the Bruges Triennial, I wish I knew about it earlier to plan a trip!

Joana: Fat Lama. The service looks super promising, but what caught my eye was the brand and the joyful little llama animations.

Cat:Where are the Boss Ladies? I’ve been following this page for a while! It’s both informative and empowering. Worth a look! It’s for ad agencies and other businesses


Irem: OPEN LETTERS is a series of live events, a podcast and a zine.

↪️Cat: so cool! Reminds me of Papirmass.

Anna: The Vietnam War – Documentary on Netflix 👍 watch it

Cat: Ice Cream Books. Love this Instagram account. If you’re a bookworm and guzzle guts, such as myself, you will too 

Carla: I know some of you like to know new work platforms as much as I do! Last week I came across Milanote, a platform described as Evernote for creatives. It has a more flexible structure, that allows you to see everything on display and move things as you like (rather than being in hidden boxes) and it’s great when marketing teams have to work with ux or front end teams. Even tho I’ll keep using Trello to keep my To Do, Doing, Done lists, I’ll be using Milanote to gather ideas and see a project in a more broad way. I’ve been using it a lot and I highly recommend 😊 

Egle: The Pudding presents Structure of Stand Up Comedy. Very interesting to see what’s behind the actual show and I love the design of this.

Irem: Rebel bank sells art to buy back Londoners’ debts via Positive News

Carla: Girls on Tops for film lovers out here, there’s a brand that sells tees with female directors names with a sole purpose of celebrating female voice in film. They’re making quite a buzz on social media since the beginning of the year. Can we have one for female entrepreneurs as well? 👯

EgleWes Anderson Co-Curates New Museum Exhibit in Vienna via Pitchfork

(Everybody is planning a trip to Vienna now 🚉)

Irem: Space Alphabet, 1964 via Present & Correct

Egle: Some cool Kickstarter stats  http://polygraph.cool/kickstarter

Irem: Is Crowdfunding a Sustainable Business Model for Indie Mags? from Eye on Design Kickstarter and Indiegogo are alternative funding tools for indie magazines and this article gives a great overview. The example from Anxy’s editor about community sourced radios like NPR is a great one, with a more variety of publications, indies can focus on specific subjects and have a more dedicated reader community than a mainstream one.

Sissel: #inspiration Monocle Radio, The Entrepeneurs – Rapha 

Joao: Fashion magazine for senior citizens in Japan: Tsurutokame via Stack Magazinies

Carla: Google has a really cool website for experiments, and it’s one of my fav places on the web. @Irem if you don’t already know it I think you’re going to love it.

Check these two out: LIFE’s photo archive using machine learning and Google’s art and culture that lets you find artworks that match your chosen palette @Cat. 

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