Philips EnergyUp Review I Product of the Month by Grover

philips energyup review

Grover is a fresh alternative to owning things – making technology accessible to everyone, by enabling people to subscribe to tech products monthly instead of buying them. Each month Startup Guide team will be receiving a product from Grover’s portfolio and review the product. This month, to match the Berlin winter, we tested Philip’s EnergyUp lamp.

It is not a secret that Berlin is famous for its dark and chilly winters, when one of the main topics during your Sunday dinners with friends is relocation to a warmer place during Berlin winter time. Being very sensitive to the weather, I am finding it difficult getting out of bed in December or staying energised once the sun goes down.

I was at first a little sceptic about the Philips EnergyUp, and treated it as it is just another lamp in the office. However, its light was way warmer and smoother than the other lamps, and so I kept it switched on right beside my desk to see how I feel during the day. To my surprise, I realised that I had more energy when I was leaving work than I used to. I believe that getting a little more light exposure in the afternoon made me feel more awake and productive in the evenings (so I managed to get my Christmas shopping done!)

Even though some of my colleagues found  the light coming from my side of the studio a little weird , I do like keeping it on, especially after lunch, when it slowly gets darker outside. I would be very interested in trying it out at home to see if it would help me wake up earlier and how that would affect my days in winter.

Eglė Duleckytė,  Community and Expansion Manager at Startup Guide