Spaces Featured in Startup Guide Tel Aviv

These are the local spaces featured in the Startup Guide Tel Aviv. Our selection process is thorough, first sorting through the hundreds of nominations before a local advisory board helps us curate the final list with the startups to be featured. Here is their elevator pitch for you:


Although AYEKA is not even a year old, it has quickly made a name for itself. Within six months of operation, it was named one of the five best coworking spaces in Tel Aviv. It’s uniquely billed as a premium coworking space, and companies that pass the application process gain access to many luxury amenities, including a health bar, swimming pool, broadcasting studio and rooftop patio.

2 – Google Campus Tel Aviv 

Google Campus Tel Aviv is more than a coworking space. Founded five years ago, the goal was to create a space that would become an integral part of the Tel Aviv startup community, connecting other players in the ecosystem with seminars, meetups and other programs. “From the start, one of the things on our mind was, ‘How can we work with the community? How can we achieve something positive?’” says Yossi Matias, one of the campus’ founders. “There were about a hundred incubators and accelerators already. We wanted to do something bigger.”

3 – Merkspace

Merkspace Atidim is part of an international chain of coworking spaces that originated in Tel Aviv. The space was founded in 2015 by Sapir Shpigel and her father Jacob Carl Shpigel out of a desire to support startup founders and connect them to mentors and investors. As Sapir explains, “We help companies grow, develop, raise funds, recruit, penetrate to new markets and acquire new customers. We’re actively looking for business opportunities for our members (or ‘Merkers,’ as they’re known) within our network.” Merkspace has since expanded to three other locations in Tel Aviv as well as to Amsterdam, with more locations in the planning stage.

4 – Mindspace

It’s clear that Mindspace has found the secret to building a top coworking space. In just four years, the company has grown from a single floor to thirteen locations across the globe. “For me, Mindspace is much more than an office,” says senior community manager Adi Klein. “It is a unique business environment that challenges typical workplace assumptions.” Mindspace is a hub within the Tel Aviv ecosystem and is known for arranging a variety of workshops and events, including up to twenty meetups every month. “Mindspace positions itself at the center of the Tel Aviv innovation ecosystem,” says Adi. “We cater to not only entrepreneurs and freelancers but also to innovation departments from the world’s leading enterprises. The mix of companies of all sizes and from many diverse industries is what makes Mindspace magical.”

5 – SOSA

SOSA (South of Salame) is located in a former industrial district and, in keeping with that vibe, the space has been given a beautiful industrial-chic upgrade. It was founded in 2014 by prominent Israeli investors and executives, including Chemi Peres, Rami Beracha, Gigi Levi, Adi Soffer Teeni and others. They wanted to curate different business interactions by getting tech startups, investors, VCs and MNCs together under the same roof, so they started an exclusive membership club offering mutual direct access between startups, investors and corporations. With all this high-powered business connectivity going on, SOSA provides plenty of space for mingling, including offices, meeting rooms, a fresh bar and ample lounges – and all in an open and welcoming atmosphere.

6 – Spaces Oxygen

Just north of Tel Aviv is a buzzing and creative high-tech district called Herzliya, which is home to Spaces Oxygen. Spaces is a worldwide network of coworking spaces that originated in Amsterdam. It began in 2008 as an informal and relaxed alternative to the more office-like environments of other coworking spaces. As community manager Naomi Green says, “You can wear a suit and tie if you want, but it’s not obligatory. And don’t worry about covering up your tattoos.” Spaces also makes a point of offering flexible and tailored contracts to suit each individual tenant’s needs.

7 – WeWork

WeWork, the juggernaut of future-of-work-style coworking, has pulled out all the stops in Tel Aviv. The space hosts four thousand members in three buildings, with a new building on the way to host another two thousand. WeWork also provides workspaces in an underserved area of South Tel Aviv that is more accessible to commuters but has a dearth of coworking spaces. WeWork serves every kind of coworking resident, from freelancers, startups and small businesses all the way to larger corporates, and it has perfected the art of providing flexible office needs: residents can expect everything from micro-roasted coffee to common areas, rooftop gardens, bike storage, craft beer, and access to WeWork’s events and expansive global network. WeWork also negotiates partner rates for community services such as gym memberships, accounting software and health insurance.

8 – WMN 

WMN is one of the most unique coworking spaces in the world. Within the startup ecosystem, only 5–7 percent of startups are led by women, but at WMN, 100 percent of the startups have at least one female cofounder. Founded by serial entrepreneur Merav Oren in 2015, this collaborative space emphasizes the needs of women-run businesses by creating a warm and helpful community. “It’s a social initiative, not a business,” says Merav. “It’s a very special place: a true community initiative.”

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