Introducing Startup Guide’s new platform 🚀 

startup guide new platform

Startup Guide’s new platform is finally here!


Today, we’re beyond excited to unveil Startup Guide’s new platform! After receiving so much positive feedback on our guidebooks (thank you!), it seemed like a natural next step for us to build a platform that makes it easy for people to transform their startup ideas into a reality, in any city.

With the platform, it’s now even easier to find useful information and tools to get your startup off the ground. Discover everything you need to succeed anywhere, all at your fingertips – and for free.

Whether it’s connecting to the who’s who of a city’s ecosystem, tracking key startup metrics, or finding local requirements, the Startup Guide platform has got you covered. 


Get early access!


Learn the essentials faster.

Startup Guide’s platform provides practical information, tailored resources and an extensive network of local experts to get your startup up and running in no time. 

Startup administration doesn’t have to be painful.

From local requirements and document templates to funding programs and legal info, Startup Guide helps you handle business admin, all in one click. 

Tap into powerful tracking tools.

Our platform’s tools make it easy to set goals, iterate quickly, receive feedback and measure your startup’s progress, so you can focus on what’s important. 

Thanks for your support! Exciting times ahead!

The Startup Guide Team

Blog Post Author

Irem Topcuoglu