Startup Guide New York – Press Release

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Startup Guide Launches First-Ever Guidebook in the U.S, ‘Startup Guide New York’, For Aspiring Entrepreneurs. The book features insights and advice from prominent public officials, local companies, founders, programs and more to help startup hopefuls navigate New York City’s growing startup scene.

Startup Guide, a creative content and publishing company that produces guidebooks for entrepreneurs to help them navigate and connect with different startup scenes across the globe, is bringing its popular book series to the United States for the first time. After mapping the ecosystems of the most thriving startup capitals in Europe, Startup Guide today announced the release of Startup Guide New York. The handbook provides in-depth looks and advice from the leading companies, programs, investors, workspaces and experts in New York City to help aspiring entrepreneurs find success in one of the fastest growing startup hotspots in the world.

Representing some of the biggest voices in the city, Startup Guide New York features insights from Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, Alicia Glen, Deputy Mayor of New York City, and Lise Kingo, CEO & Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, on the future of New York City’s tech scene and what makes this city a unique destination for aspiring entrepreneurs. The guidebook also offers tips and behind-the-scenes looks at some of the most influential companies and founders impacting New York City’s startup community, including Ellevest, General Assembly, Grand Central Tech, Handy, The Yard, URBAN-X, WeWork and more.

“New York City has a thriving startup scene that’s reflective of the diversity and creativity of the city itself. With established industries like real estate, finance, fashion, media and more right at your doorstep, New York’s startup ecosystem is filled will opportunities for anyone looking to make it big,” says Sissel Hansen, CEO and Founder of Startup Guide. “We are thrilled to bring our first-ever Startup Guide to the states, starting with New York, and equipping entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge and guidance they need for success.’’

To ensure an accurate and trustworthy guide, Startup Guide books are co-created with the local startup community. Startup Guide teams up with a city partner that is established in the local startup scene, invites the local community to nominate the startups, co-working spaces, founders, incubators and established businesses to be featured in the guidebook and relies on a local advisory board selected by the city partner to make final selections. Startup Guide New York was created in partnership with Tech:NYC and proudly supported by SAP Next-Gen.

“Startup Guide and SAP Next-Gen share a joint vision to connect entrepreneurs globally to purpose driven partners and institutions, enabling today’s startups to become tomorrow’s purpose driven enterprises driven to achieve profit as well as purposeful outcomes aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” says Ann Rosenberg, Senior Vice President and Global Head of SAP Next-Gen. “Entrepreneurs using the Startup Guide whether in New York or other innovation hubs around the world can now tap into the global SAP Next-Gen “Innovation with Purpose” network of 3,600+ educational institutions in 116 countries including 110+ SAP Next-Gen labs/hubs at universities and at partner and SAP locations, nearly 100 SAP Next-Gen Chapters, as well as startups, accelerators, tech community partners, venture firms, futurists, and purpose driven institutions.”

Focused on empowering entrepreneurs around the world and equipping them with the tools, network and knowledge needed for success in any city, Startup Guide published the very first guidebook of the series in 2014 in Berlin, Germany. Following the success of this initial book, Startup Guide has since released guidebooks in 19 different cities — from Paris, to Copenhagen, to London and more — with several more in the pipeline, including Singapore, Cape Town and Miami. Startup Guide New York is available now and can be ordered here.


About Startup Guide:

Startup Guide was founded in 2014 by Sissel Hansen and is a creative content and self-publishing company and the mothership of “Startup Guide – The Entrepreneurs Handbook”. Based on traditional guidebooks that can be carried around everywhere, Startup Guide books help entrepreneurs navigate different startup hubs across the globe and are now in 19 different cities across Europe and the Middle East, including London, Berlin, Tel Aviv and Stockholm – and now the U.S. To ensure an accurate and trustworthy guide, the book is co-created with the local startup community.

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