Our team

Hire someone you would like to be friends with and everything will be fine. Our team is very talented and professional, but as important as that, it's the fact that we all care about being in a good environment. We welcome personal experiences, stories and beliefs while we leave our ego outside the door.

We provide connections everywhere, hence nothing more natural than having a special team with people from Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, New Zealand, Portugal, Turkey, United States and so on. It's truly hard to speak about ourselves, but we've tried our best, take a look:

Anna Weissensteiner

Head of Business Development

You know that kind of people who has a messy desktop? That’s not Anna. She has everything super tidily and perfectly organized - maybe she is the Excel founder and we don’t know.

Carla Napoleão

Startup Guide Store Assistant // Lisbon

Bio soon!

Cat Serafim

Design Intern

Bio soon!

Daniela Carducci

Photo Editor

Bio soon!

Diogo Dantas

Digital Product Designer

This guy has a ferret as a pet. That tells something about him, right? We have the best UX, UI, Design Developer. Don't try taking him from us. Thanks.

Dr. Thomas Maidorfer

Partner & Head of Strategy and Corporate Business

Google his name and you'll find a whole bunch of pages on him. This man has a PhD in Strategy, he is also a teacher of Strategic Management and we could go on and on talking about his accomplishments.

Eglė Dijokaitė

Project Manager & Analyst

Bio soon!

Eglė Duleckytė

Head of Community Growth

Marathons, awesome pictures, multiple languages, work, volunteer...How does she do it?

Inês Pedro

Graphic Designer

She is more Brazilian than Brazilians, or even caipirinhas. You can always trust someone who won't kill your plants and brings the best wines to dinner.

İrem Topçuoğlu

Startup Guide Store Manager // Berlin

Bio soon!

Joana Carvalho

Head of Design

Ever read a comic? Most of the are characters are inspired by her. She's crafting her own universe and loving living in it.

João Mira


The easiest person to be around. He will never ever ask to change the menu, will be ready in 5 minutes and he truly believes that everything is gonna be alright.

Lina Högstedt

Project Manager

She looks like a fairy from a magical forest. Lina has the ability to make everything beautiful, useful and smart - and that’s why she is passionate about concept design. This girl has power.

Marissa van Uden

Copy Editor

Bio soon!

Marlene Do Vale

Head of Sales

She is a Sales Manager in this life, but maybe in her past existence she was a writer living at the mountains. Marlene loves two things: Lisbon and Berlin. She was meant to be with us.

Miriam Partington

Content Production Intern

Patrick Samy

Head of Digital Product Development

He's the master of coding and he's also interested in many other things, from sociology through education, music and travel. Patrick is a gentleman, and when he decides to speak, he’s sure of what he’s saying.

Shelley Pascual


Bio soon!

Sissel Hansen

Founder / CEO

She is the kid who always dreamt of being an astronaut, with plans to reach the moon. And to be honest, she is almost there.

Tim Rhodes

Head of Production

Bio soon!

Vera Oliveira

Startup Guide Store Assistant // Lisbon

Bio soon!